Artist – Jakob

Artist – Jakob


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    Jakob Wyrd – Artist

    Jakob Wyrd (aka Jake Thompson) is a classically trained illustrator and fine artist, graduated from the Academy of Art University. He is a nerdy and humble Wyrdo who loves creating illustrative tattoos ranging from cartoons to realism, and from a large variety of subculture icons. Star Wars, comics, anime, sci-fi, horror and cartoons will bring out his imaginative playscape the most. With over a decade of tattooing, embracing a wide variety of subject matters and styles with a particular love of science, astronomy and literary sources, he aims to create unique and pleasing tattoos just for you.
    We invite you to get Wyrd with Jakob and create wonderful visions in your skin. His calming approach, tenacious eye and vigorous application of creativity is sure to please. He really is the worst! Lol.

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